Sunday, August 15, 2010

Labor Pains!

Since my last update was in May, and we are now in August, you would think that I have alot to say. Well, I do...and I don't....

The most recent "do" is that our surrogate, Panna, has started to have labor pains. They started the day that the babies turned 34 weeks. This was two days ago. Dr. Patel wrote to tell us that they are trying to stave it off (I assume by bed rest and anti-contraction medication) but that they may need to do an emergency c-section at any time. So I have been up at all odd hours of the night checking my email. So far, as of this Sunday morning. There is no news.

As of two days ago, the scan report showed the babies to be fine, but still on the small side. If they are born now, they will be in the NICU. One of them is 3.9 lbs, and the other is 4.3 lbs.

Another recent "do" is that my dear friend, Crystal, has booked a ticket to join us in India! She has some business to do there, but she timed it so that she could be there for me and the birth of our babies. I am so overjoyed about this, I cannot even describe it! Unfortunately, she is coming about 4 days after we get there, but she is coming nonetheless!!!! I say, "unfortunately" because I am as excited about seeing her as I am about seeing the babies! I just can't wait! I have not visited her since long before the babies were conceived because I have been working steadily to save every penny.

She will be able come to Mumbai with us to help us go through the exit process, which is the part of this whole journey that has me the most nervous. It means so much to me that she will be there. I cannot find the words to express it!

Crystal, my dear sister, you may not end up reading this since you have probably given up checking my blog, I am so horrible about updating it, but if you do, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! This is one of the kindest, most loving things anyone has ever done for me! Thank you!

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  1. I'm reading your post from my new iPad. I will bring it with me to India. I love you!